• The Writer – B.J. Novak
  • Director – Ken Kwapis
  • A brief synopsis – After a fire in the office, the staff are forced to wait outside as the firemen clear the building.  This allows for some interaction and they seize the opportunity to get to know each other.  Ryan is pressed into the role of student by Michael, who decides that he needs to teach him the ropes of business.  This makes Dwight sideways with jealousy.
  • The best line – Michael: Yes, I was the first one out. And, yes, I’ve heard women and children first. But, we do not employ children. We are not a sweat shop. Thankfully. And, uh, women are equal in the workplace by law. So, I let them out first, I have a lawsuit on my hands.
  • The best moment – The look on Kelly’s face when Michael says that he routinely plays the game “Who would you do? ” before going to bed at night.
  • The best storyline – Ryan’s attempts at getting ahead in life, not getting a name for himself in this office, and unwitting (as well as unwanted) spot between Michael and Dwight.
  • Notable guest appearance – Amy Adams again, still the Hot Girl, still Jim’s girlfriend, still the object of Pam’s jealousy.
  • Grade – B+

Some forward momentum here, as we further tease the progress of Pam and Jim.  This episode does a better job of easing us into the rest of the office.  Looking backward, it is interesting to hear Oscar say Pam is first on his list of people he would “do.”  Dwight is getting more scary desperate with each episode.


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