• The Writers – Greg Daniels
  • Director – Paul Feig
  • A brief synopsis – Michael, having been given until the end of the month to lay off one of the staff, puts it off until the last day, which happens to be Halloween.  Dwight finally bugs Jim enough to the point that he and Pam put Dwight on a job search, unknown to Dwight, and another company is interested, until they talk to Dwight.
  • The best lines – Dwight: This is called leveraging an offer. [walks into Michael’s office] Michael, can I talk to you for a moment?
    Michael: Oh, God.
    Dwight: I just thought you should know that I was just offered a job with better pay, better benefits and a better title at Cumberland Mills.
    Michael: Fantastic!
    Dwight: And I turned it down.
    Michael: What?! That would’ve solved all my problems.
    Dwight: Out of loyalty to this company…
    Michael: Oh, you idiot.
    Dwight: … so I was hoping to be made Assistant Regional Manager officially.
    Michael: If you left, I wouldn’t have to fire anybody.
    Dwight: But then you wouldn’t have me here.
    Michael: Big deal. Oh, it would’ve worked out so well. Can you get it back?
    Dwight: It’s in Maryland.
    Michael: You can call. Can you call ’em?
    Dwight: I can’t. I… I suppose I coul… no. They never really made me an offer anyway.
    Michael: Wohahah! Why are you torturing me?! God.
  • The best moment – Michael giving out candy to the kids at the end of the episode.
  • The best storyline – Michael’s desire for friendship leading him away from making any decisions.
  • Notable guest appearance – None.
  • Grade – A-

Easily one of the best episodes of the year, made so almost entirely by the last scene.  Giving extra dimension to a man who on the surface seems such a buffoon.  Being talked out of laying off Creed, by Creed, was an incredibly well acted scene.  The end is heartbreaking for many reasons.  This episode laid a foundation for the home these characters built in the hearts of viewers.


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