• The Writer – Paul Lieberstein
  • Director – Victor Nelli, Jr.
  • A brief synopsis – Someone laid a bomb on the carpet in Michael’s office, and everyone is suspected.  Michael decides to “share” Jim’s desk, so Jim moves in next to Kelly’s desk, and promptly figures out why Toby moved out months ago.  As Kelly talks Jim’s ear off, Michael annoys the rest of the group in front more than usual, including starting and then cancelling a sales competition.  When Ryan walks by Jim and Kelly to ask a mundane question for Michael, Kelly reveals that she has a crush on Ryan and enlists Jim to be a go between.  As the rest of the group reveals that while they understand why someone did what they did to Michael, they did not do it.  Michael, meanwhile, lets the act get to him until he discovers the person who did it is none other than his buddy Todd Packer.
  • The best line – Pam and others: [after going in to check out the smell] Phew. Oh! No, mm-mm. [leaving quickly]
    Michael: I cannot believe a pipe burst and left that in there.
    Toby: That’s no burst pipe.
    Michael: How do you know that? What is it, then?
    Creed: Hi guys. Somebody makin’ soup?
  • Second best line –Ryan: Do you know if she’s looking for a long-term thing or if she’d be cool just hangin’ out?
    Jim: I have no idea.
    Ryan: Can you find out?
    Jim: Yeah. Sure.
    Kelly: [to Jim] Oh, long-term, definitely. Fall in love, have babies, spend every second together… but don’t tell him that, okay? Just tell him I’m, like, up for anything. I mean, I’m not a slut, but who knows?
  • The best moment – Finding out it was Packer, of course.  I love Todd Packer.
  • The best storyline – Kelly and Ryan, it’s the beginning of a great adventure.
  • Notable guest appearance – Ken Howard, as Michael’s former boss, Ed Truck.  And Packer, of course, via the phone and some organic material he left behind.
  • Grade – A

A great episode, for the Kelly / Ryan storyline and Bob Packer.  Much interactivity between staff members, further giving the organic feel that is the show’s recipe for success.  The Jim and Pam chemistry, necessarily interrupted to avoid going stale, is moved forward in a brilliantly touching way.


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