• The Writer – B.J. Novak
  • Director – Dennie Gordon
  • A brief synopsis – Jan holds a symposium for the women of the office, barring Michael from attending.  Feeling left out, Michael holds a meeting with the men in the where house, with predictable results.  Jim is forced to face Roy about his “former” crush on her.  Michael inadvertently ends up rallying the where house employees to starting a union, which Jan ends quickly with a dose of reality.  Pam, who had been encouraged by Jan, and then Jim, to pursue her dreams of architecture, is shut down by Roy, leading to Pam and Jim’s first “fight.”
  • The best line – Michael: Let’s start with the Warehouse. What bothers you as guys, you know?
    Darryl: My priority is safety.
    Michael: OK.
    Darryl: So it really bothers me when somebody comes in here speeding around on a lift, playing with it like a toy. It kind of gets under my skin.
    Michael: OK, Yeah. Yeah. Yeah shhh…
    Darryl: Uh uh uh. Don’t shush me.
    Michael: I… That was just…
    Darryl: That bothers me too.
    Michael: I was breathing.
    Roy: Pam shushes me. It drives me crazy.
    Michael: I hate shushing. You know, that’s the thing! What the… ok… what is our beef as human men.
  • The best moment – Michael talked into starting a union is one of those things a stupid man can do when led by a much smoother man, like Darryl.
  • The best storyline – Pam shutting down her own dream at the behest of Roy and with Jim pulling for her is a big development.
  • Notable guest appearance – None, these guys are regulars by now.
  • Grade – A-

Good episode with some stretching of credibility, mainly the many scenes of destruction of the where house interspersed with moments of calm.  Still with this cast, when you put enough of them in front of the camera, you can’t go wrong.

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