• The Writer – Mindy Kaling
  • Director – Miguel Arteta
  • A brief synopsis – Kelly has invited everyone in the office to a Diwali event, and it spurs on a conversation about hers (and other) ethnicity.  Toby finally steps up and intervenes.  At the party, Michael shows up with Carol dressed for Halloween.  Jim, Andy and Karen have to stay late to do some boring work, and Andy brings something to spice it up: booze.  Jim and Andy drink and Karen dumps hers.  Michael brings the party to a halt with an ill timed proposal to Carol, who turns him down.  Pam gives a dejected Michael to his house and Karen brings Jim home to his.
  • The best line – Pam: What are you doing?
    Michael: What are you doing?
    Pam: I’m rejecting your…
    Michael: I’m… what? I didn’t
    Pam: …kiss.
    Michael: [scoffing noises] Can I have a ride home?
    Pam: If you sit in the back.
  • The best moment – Classic Michael proposal, and then he attempts to kiss Pam.
  • The best storyline – Pam’s feelings that something might happen, turning into the greatest disappointment.  Jim, meanwhile, Jim…
  • Notable guest appearance – Kelly’s TV relatives and friends.
  • Would Michael have been reprimanded? – I am thinking that he might have been fired for the whole Kama Sutra thing.
  • Grade – B+

Some great awkward moments and some touching dialogue.  It is strange that so many people show up to so many outside office events, but then, Pam tried to turn Kelly down.  Good moments with Angela, though, protesting everything about Kelly’s culture at the office just to show up and…protest again.  Dwight’s knowledge of the Hindu culture is a nice touch.  You’d expect him to know.

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