• The Writers – Jennifer Celotta and Greg Daniels
  • Director – Harold Ramis
  • A brief synopsis – Michael is taking the group to the beach as a “going away” gift as he prepares to go take a corporate position.  After leaving Toby home, he conducts a bunch of beach games to see who would replace him.  Jim reveals he is going to apply for the corporate position as well.  Pam decides to tell everyone how she really feels about a lot of things.  Okay, well, her art show and Jim.
  • The best line – Michael: Jim Halpert. Pros: smart, cool, good-looking. Remind you of anybody you know? Cons: not a hard worker. I can spend all day on a project, and he will finish the same project in a half an hour. So that should tell you something.
  • The best moment – Pam telling everyone how she feels.
  • The best storyline – Changes are afoot for Dunder Mifflin.  What is about to happen will be big.
  • Notable guest appearance – The 8th largest body of water in the U.S.
  • Grade – A-

A very sweet episode in seeing Pam break out of her shell and becoming a more complete person.  Big things are brewing and masterfully placed in the background while Andy, Dwight and Stanley (yay) get a chance to steal the show.  It is one of the more believable efforts in showing how unified that the group actually is.

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