• The Writers – Gene Stupnitsky & Lee Eisenberg
  • Director – Tucker Gates
  • A brief synopsis – Phyllis has been flashed, and as you could guess, 2 things happen.  Michael goes overboard making fun of it, and Dwight goes overboard “protecting” the women in the office.  Michael turns it into a Women’s Appreciation day, which turns into a trip to the mall, where he talks himself into breaking up with Jan, with the help of the women.  The men of the office, meanwhile, take advantage of the opportunity to explore the women’s bathroom.
  • The best line – Angela: Sometimes, the clothes at GapKids are just too flashy. So I’m forced to go to the American Girl store and order clothes for large colonial dolls.
  • The best moment – Meredith driving to the mall, and then trying to park at the mall.
  • The best storyline – The exploration of the women’s bathroom is a revelation many men wonder about.  They do have it better.
  • Notable guest appearance – The women’s bathroom.
  • Would Michael have been reprimanded? – Oh yes.  He would have been fired for pretending to impersonate the stripper as soon as that finger went out the zipper.
  • Grade – B

This show was hard to process from the moment that Michael crossed over the line.  That the employees and the HR rep tolerate this behavior is to imply that they all find Michael ignorant and harmless.  That would take a perfect amount of understanding that would be hard to find in 2 people, much less a large group.  Then he takes them to Victoria’s secret.  This tact throws off the rest of the episode’s good points: Angela at the mall, Creed doing number 2 in the women’s room, Andy and Dwight’s burgeoning partnership, Michael trying to change a tire, and Pam’s image of the “pervert.”  All of these are muted by the ridiculously absurd moments.

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