• The Writer – Justin Spitzer
  • Director – Gene Stupnitsky
  • A brief synopsis – Michael sends out several hundred invitations to a pancake party to drum up business.  Pam and Ryan battle it out to see who can act least like an administrative assistant.  Jim is sent to squirming as Charles sets him to task to create a “roundup” of clients.  New administrative assistant Kelly, ne’ Erin, becomes the target of affection for new best friends Dwight and Andy
  • The best line –

    So. I thought we could take the customer on a… Then. Then we could…

    Jim: You realize you’re not actually talking to me, right?
    Kelly: And…
    Charles: Hey Kelly?
    Kelly: Yes? Charles, you wanted me?
    Charles: Oh, I meant, I meant that Kelly. [New receptionist walks in]
    Jim: The new receptionist is also named Kelly. So Kelly Kapoor has decided to hover around my desk, so that she can run into his Charles’ office every time he calls for Kelly. She thinks if she says “You wanted me” enough, he will in fact want her. It’s not the worse plan she’s ever had.
    Charles: Oh, and Kelly…
    Kelly: Yes Charles? Yes, you wanted me?
    Charles: Okay, I’m gonna call you Kapoor, okay? And you, Hannon.
    Erin: If we’re changing names, can I be Erin? It’s my middle name.
    Charles: Erin. Okay, that’s very pretty.
    Kelly: Well you know what my middle name is? Rajani Ghana! And I hate it! I hate it!
    Kevin: I thought Rajini Ghanda was a boy’s name?
  • The best moment – Kelly, I mean Erin is here!
  • The best storyline – The rundown.
  • Notable guest appearance – Ellie Kemper, as Erin, will forever change the show for the better.
  • Would Michael have been reprimanded? – n/a
  • Grade – A

This is the landmark episode that gives us Erin, the poor, adopted, sensitive and kooky receptionist that makes Andy into the wonderful character he is.  Starting it off with a competition with his new best friend is great.  Charles continues to wonderfully push Jim’s buttons.  Ryan is great as an unrepentant loser who refuses to see the light.

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