• The Writer – Charlie Grandy
  • Director – Steve Carell
  • A brief synopsis – Michael is losing money in a big way with the new company.  Dunder Mifflin is losing clients fast.  Something’s got to give.  The staff scrambles to get their expense reports in on time as Angela cracks down on company policy.
  • The best line – Charles: The conference room is ready if we want to get started.
    David: You know, I just want to address everyone first.
    Charles: Oh yeah, take your time. Stanley, pay attention.
    David: Hi, everyone.
    Kelly: Hi.
    David: Hi. Uh, look it’s no secret–
    Kevin: Hi.
    David: Hello. Uh, it is no secret that Michael Scott Paper has siphoned off a large chunk of our core business. And I’m here– I just want to assure everyone that we think this is just a temporary setback.
    Charles: Right.
    David: Okay?
    Phyllis: Maybe, and I don’t know, if you had just returned Michael’s call none of us would’ve lost clients.
    David: I’ve been wondering that myself lately. We’re just gonna get started, we’re gonna figure this out. Rest assured. Jim, can you come in with us please?
    Charles: Uh, Jim hold on. [whispers] You know, David, uh, Dwight’s been my guy. Okay?
    David: Hmm.
    Charles: Yeah, Jim–
    David: I find that extraordinarily surprising.
    Charles: He shows promise and Jim, I don’t know– I– he’s been a disappointment.
    David: We’ll bring them both in.
    Charles: Okay, great. Uh, Dwight come on in. Also, Jim.
    Dwight: Come along, afterthought.
  • The best moment – Michael’s bargaining ability.  Awesome.
  • The best storyline – Jim vs. Dwight.  Charles ends up looking like an ass.  “No, Jim. I use a bad apiarist.”
  • Next best storyline – The Koreans that keep getting in the delivery van.
  • Notable guest appearance – The Koreans, of course.
  • Would Michael have been reprimanded? – Unlikely he would have won this way, but it was valiant.
  • Grade – A+

A marvelous payoff to the quitting arc.  The whole set put the show back on track in the best way.  The best thing about the whole event, is adding Erin.  David Wallace has also been shown to be a remarkable asset to the show, as well, especially when shown in contrast with Charles.

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