• The Writer – Ken Kwapis
  • Directors – Jennifer Celotta & Paul Lieberstein
  • A brief synopsis – Company picnic and everyone is there, including Holly.  Michael gets to perform on stage with her, and it goes…awkwardly.  Dwight brings his best friend, who really gives it to Angela, until Dwight puts an end to it.  Charles cannot resist a few shots at Jim’s expense.   Pam shows herself to be quite the volleyball player, until she gets injured.  At the hospital, they find out more than they expected.
  • The best line –
    Dwight:I’m gonna say 30.
    Rolph: Ah, 40. Insect repellent, which we clearly need, reduces the effectiveness of SPF.
    Dwight: Good point, but, thought of that already. Combination SPF/repellent.
    Rolph: Woah. Homemade?
    Dwight: Of course. You think the EPA would ever allow that much DEET? [both laugh]
    Dwight: (t0 camera) Rolph is my best friend. We met in a shoe store. I heard him asking for a shoe that could increase his speed and not leave any tracks.


  • Next best line – Andy: [playing volleyball] Jim, come on! [Jim scores a point, Scranton cheers]
    Charles: Look who just woke up! [laughs, scores a point on the next play] I’ve been up for a while.
    Kevin: It’s six to six. It’s a nail-biter. [ball hits Kevin]
    Angela: Kevin! Now it’s seven-six, or is that too much accounting for you?
    Rolph: Here’s an accounting question for you: what does one fiance plus one lover equal? Answer: one whore.
    Dwight: Okay, knock it off, Rolph.
    Rolph: What? She is sitting there, casting aspersions-
    Dwight: Rolph, please. I am asking nicely-
    Rolph: No way! You don’t mean that!
    Dwight: Rolph, leave it alone!
  • The best moment – Any time Rolph is on the screen.
  • The best storyline – Charles taking shots at Jim never gets old.
  • Notable guest appearance – Amy Ryan’s Holly is back, for one episode.  Rolph, played by James Urbaniak.
  • Would Michael have been reprimanded? – Honestly, I am unsure how he was ever allowed on stage.
  • Grade – A-

Nice season ender, with everyone getting time in the spotlight.  Rolph’s inclusion is genius, and I hope for more of him in the future.  Michael and Holly’s stage routine just did not work, but everything off stage did.  The surprise at the end is a delightful precursor for the next season.

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