Just Go With It – 2011

Directed by Dennis Dugan

Starring Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Brooklyn Decker, Nicole Kidman, Dave Matthews, Nick Swardson

Written by Allen Loeb, Timothy Dowling

When Jennifer Aniston looks back on her career and wonders why she never hit it big, I wonder if it will be her acting talent she questions or her role selection.  When she picks movies like this one, She’s The One, The Switch, The Bounty Hunter,  and the upcoming Horrible Bosses, it is hard to imagine which movies she is turning down.  Certainly not Citizen Kane.  That said, she is not the biggest problem with this movie.

There is a process the young kids are into these days called “Mash Up” in which two seemingly dissimilar songs are combined to create a new song.  Sometimes it works…sometimes it doesn’t.  The 10 or so times it is employed in this movie, I would say it is more of a distraction than anything.  Please allow me to demonstrate:

Most of the songs were butchered Police songs.  If I never hear another one of them, it’d be too soon.  This is not the biggest problem with the movie.

Nick Swardson has marginal talent and he puts very little of it to good use here.  He is an annoying cousin.  Okay.  As if that is not enough, he becomes an even more annoying faux boyfriend with a German accent.  This is worse.  Then he attacks a fake sheep, trying to revive it.  Strangely that part worked for me.  Nick Swardson is not the biggest problem with the movie.

I am really tired of the kids of divorced parents having clichéd issues, and clichéd wisdom.  Joaquin Phoenix had it about right in Parenthood.  Pretty much no one else ever has.  Kids of divorce are not the biggest problem with this movie.

Adam Sandler has the ability to make small doses of chicken salad and place them within a large pile of chicken s#it.  This film is filled with funny moments.  The premise is an absolute waste of brain power.  Who in the world would buy a premise of a guy who habitually lies about the state of his relationship would lie in a different way, thus forcing his loyal assistant to lie with him, until they realize that they were meant for each other?  I am tired just thinking about it.  The premise just might be the biggest problem with the movie.

Dennis Dugan has directed one halfway decent movie, Happy Gilmore.  That is all.  Dugan might be the biggest problem with this movie.

Nicole Kidman is consistently the funniest thing in this movie.  Nicole Kidman is not even remotely funny.  That is the problem with this movie.

Oh look, it’s Brooklyn Decker!  What’s that she’s saying?  Oh, look it’s Jennifer Aniston in a bathing suit!  When distractions are a highlight, that says a lot about the problems with this movie.


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