• The Writer – Peter Ocko
  • Directed by – Alex Hardcastle
  • A brief synopsis – CeCe is getting Christened and, for some reason, the entire office staff finds itself at the Church and reception.  Dwight uses the opportunity for sales.  Michael, jealous again at first, starts getting into the spirit of Church when someone shakes his hand.  A misunderstanding with the pastor puts everyone in the church over at the reception.  Then Michael gets on the bus of all of the kids heading to Mexico.  And then Andy joins him.  Toby, on the other hand, has a problem even getting into the church.
  • The best line – Carla: My parents explained it to me this way. You wouldn’t hesitate to save a family member from a burning building, but what if the earth was your building and all the people on it were your family?
    Andy: What if the moon was your car and Jupiter was your hair brush?
    Michael: Shh.
    Carla: Thank you. Or should I say gracias?
  • 2nd best line – Ryan: For all their generosity of spirit, they password-protect their wireless?
    Kelly: Try “Jesus.”
    Dwight: Opus dei.
    Male church member: [to Michael] Hi. Good morning.
    Michael: Good morning.
    Female church member [to Michael]: Good morning.
    Michael: Good morning.
    Ryan: Hello.
    Dwight: Shh, shh, shh.
  • The best moment – Jim leaving the baby with Nana, who complains.
  • The best storyline – The ever expanding small reception.
  • Notable guest appearance – The church, the steeple and all the people.  Jim’s parents, Pam’s parent’s and Nana.
  • Would Michael have been reprimanded? – Not on a Sunday, man.
  • Grade – B
Another story that threatens to be ruined by the Michael jealously factor.  It is saved partly by the fact that no one else wants it to happen either.  It’s a nice episode, even if there are no real standout moments.  There are Jim and Pam’s new parenting moments, which are nice, if not the vibe of the rest of the series.  There is a low point, when Michael refers to CeCe as a “B.I.T.C.H.”  Even with that clunker, the show is alright.  Dwight’s enterprising nature is always entertaining and poor Toby, feels left out even if he is the only one talking.

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