• The Writer – Justin Spitzer
  • Director – Dean Holland
  • A brief synopsis – Everyone is dressed up to win a coupon book in the annual Halloween episode.  An idea that Michael ignored from Darryl ends up being followed through by Gabe, making Michael jealous.  Danny has a party and people (Kevin and Andy) are concerned about what would happen to their relationship with Jim and Pam if they went.  Oscar is indignant about everyone’s interest in the prize.  Pam and Jim press Danny on a reason he never went on a 3rd date with Pam and…they find out she is dorky.
  • The best line – Andy: Sookehhh. [removes teeth] Bill Compton, from True Blood.
    Stanley: How many freakin’ vampires am I supposed to care about these days?

    Packer: Because your wife needs it.
  • 2nd best line – Michael: Still don’t know who I am? I’ll give you a hint. I go over other people’s heads.
    Pam: Michael, this is a bad idea.
    Michael: What’s a bad idea?
    Pam: Dressing up as somebody-I mean, when has that ever worked for you?
    Michael: NEVER! [tosses wig] Okay, you know what? Fine. I’m not Darryl. And thank God I’m not Darryl.
    Kelly: Could you for once just let us enjoy a party instead of making it about all your issues?
  • The best moment – Jim finally dressing up like Popeye because his “dork” wife was dressed as Olive Oil.
  • The best storyline – Oscar’s stuffy resistance to the coupon book as a prize.
  • Notable guest appearance – Packer!  Dressed as a pregnant nun.  Olyphant back as Danny Cordray.
  • Would Michael have been reprimanded? – Probably not, although his dressing up as Darryl and rant is gratefully cut short by Kelly.
  • Grade – A-
Excellent episode that shows the branch doing what they do best: interact.  The costumes are inspired, from Kevin’s Michael Moore, Angela’s Nurse, Creed’s Mummy, Stanley’s Samurai to, of course, Packer.  I love most things about the episode, including when Michael makes Kevin cry for talking to Gabe.  Adding Cordray and Packer to the mix just makes it all that much better.

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