• The Writer – Aaron Shure
  • Directed by – Danny Leiner
  • A brief synopsis – Ryan takes an idea from Kelly and convinces some people in the office to invest with him.  He gets an offer to sell right about the time he determines that he has nine days before the company goes broke.  Dwight decides to hold a “Hay Place” day at the building to make some money and other reasons.  Angela is getting tired of being spurned and finds an alternative.  Jim runs into the new corporate policy sales commission cap, which takes away his incentive to sell…and re-invigorates his desire to screw off.
  • The best line – Jim: I am on the first hot sale streak of my life. I think it all comes from feeding Cece, because no matter how much she resists, I sell her those carrots. Let’s be honest–if I can make mushed carrots seem better than a boob… I can pretty much sell anything. [laughs]
  • 2nd best line – Little Girl: I found the needle in the haystack!
    Dwight: Hey, congratulations! Do you know what your prize is?
    Little Girl: I don’t know!
    Dwight: Nothing. Life Lesson? Some tasks are not worth doing.
  • 3rd best line – Robert: So, if I were to call Dunder Mifflin and ask for Miss Angela Martin, would I get through to you?
    Angela: You would. And if I were to call your house and ask for your wife, would I get through to you?
    Robert: My wife passed away a few years ago.
    Angela: How tragic. Very sorry to hear that.
    Robert: Thank You.
    Kevin: [still stuck in maze] Help! Hello?! Oh! Help![runs around the maze]
  • The best moment – Angela finds a legitimate romantic angle.  Kind of sweet.
  • The best storyline – Jim is back to being Jim, and Gabe gets to pay.
  • Notable guest appearance – There’s a guy who helps out at Hay Place, but we never get a name.  HRG, Jack Coleman is the Senator Robert Lipton.
  • Would Michael have been reprimanded? – n/a
  • Grade -A-
A solid episode that showcases everyone equally.  HRG guy comes along to become Angela’s knight in shining armor, giving the tired rehash of her and Dwight a peaceful rest.  Jim is at his best when he decides disruption is the best part of his job.  Giving several people reasons to invest is good character.  Although I think he’s learned this before, Michael’s decision that Ryan’s not his friend is handled well.  Dwight’s Hay Place provides some nice Dwight moments, but it is just average.   Fortunately there is enough other things going on in this show to compensate handily.

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