• The Writer – Halsted Sullivan & Warren Lieberstein
  • Director – Charles McDougall
  • A brief synopsis – Michael overreacts to reading an article on the coming power that is China, which gets him into a series of debates with the smartest guy in the office, Oscar.  Dwight the building owner is making everyone in the office irritated with cutbacks, leading Office Administrator Pam into looking to a new office site, or at least faking it.  Andy’s tweets to Darryl are getting out of hand.
  • The best line – Darryl: [reading text] Megan Fox. Question mark. What’s that mean?
    Andy: Megan Fox! Come on!
    Darryl: You know what, you’re one bad text away from getting blocked.
    Andy: Yes, but one good text away from a high five.
    Darryl: You accept these terms?
    Andy: Oh, its on.
  • 2nd best line – Jim: Around here, Oscar is known as ‘actually’ because he will insert himself into just about any conversation to add facts, or correct grammar. He really does fit that old stereotype of the smug gay Mexican.
  • The best moment – Actually, the best moment is the series of moments when Oscar exudes his arrogance.
  • The best storyline – The tweets.
  • Notable guest appearance – The new Office Manager working for Dwight is Nate.
  • Would Michael have been reprimanded? – n/a
  • Grade – A-
Solid run continues with an episode emphasizing Oscar in a way that is not Gay or Mexican.  Dwight vs. Pam is solid, with a little of her bruised ego thrown in for measure.  Having the Office Manager is great: Dwight deserves minions.  Darryl and Andy are a great combination, and most of their moments are quite touching.  The best run they’ve had in years.

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