• The Writer – Mindy Kaling
  • Director – Rainn Wilson
  • A brief synopsis – Pam’s in charge of Christmas, after having disbanded the party planning committee and things are going great, until Michael finds out that Holly is coming back for 6 weeks.  Toby gets to serve on the jury for the Scranton Strangler.  Dwight finally gets the upper hand on Jim.  Pam makes Jim a comic book for Christmas.  Darryl is let down when his daughter decides that she doesn’t want to spend Christmas with him, so Pam and Andy do the best they can to entertain her.  Erin inexplicably hates Holly.
  • The best line – Jim: Hey, it’s snowing.
    Dwight: [mocking] Oh, my God! It’s the first snowfall of Christmas. Is that just so magical for you, little girl? Can you not wait to have a hot chocolate, and cuddle up with Papa and tell him about all your Christmas dreams, hmm? It’s not even a real snow. Look, it’s a dusting. Pitiful.
  • The best moment – Oscar ascertains that Angela’s new boyfriend is gay.
  • The best storyline – Holly is coming back.  Yay!
  • Notable guest appearance – Amy Ryan is back as Holly.
  • Would Michael have been reprimanded? – At this point, nobody cares enough, except Pam.
  • Grade – B
This Christmas episode is a mixed bag, which is surprising due to the fact that it is written by the delightful Mindy Kaling.  Some of the plot lines work, like Darryl and his daughter.  Others, like Jim versus Dwight, and Michael versus his jealous nature, don’t work at all.  Jim coming unraveled is one of the worst moves of all time.  It is unconvincing and laborious.  I would hope for better from a Rainn Wilson directed and Kaling written episode.  Michael, though, has sooo run out of ways to be silly, there is no way to make it fresh.  Fortunately, there are many lines for the rest of the staff that make this episode a decent one.

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