• The Writer –Paul Leiberstien
  • Directed by – Charles McDougall
  • A brief synopsis – Andy’s given the challenge to double branch sales by Robert, and takes it on with aplomb.  He lists a series of incentives which the branch responds to, which gives Andy a moment of concern.  Angela and Pam become pregnant walking pals, until Pam is reported by Angela to Social Services.  Darryl’s ex is back.  For how long?
  • The best line – Jim – “You have a walking buddy.
             Pam – “I do.”
  • 2nd best line  – Dwight [making brownies, to Andy: Walnuts?
            Kevin [totally let down from the next room]: No!
  • The best moment – The unveiling of “The Nard Dog.”
  • 2nd best moment – Erin giving Robert a little something extra with his coffee.  The moment was so lovingly Erin.
  • The best storyline – There really is only one, and a couple of small ones.  I have to go with the title storyline.  It was the only one fully developed.
  • Notable guest appearance – Darryl’s ex-wife makes an appearance.  He’s very happy.  Nice.
  • Grade – B+
The team is coming together for a cause.  It’s a different chemistry, but it is delightful, in its way.  Robert California’s character flits about, dropping bombs and leaving the staff to move forward, predominantly, on their own.  This could work out well.  More characters than ever are interacting, creating in expanding on their chemistry.  The episode seems brief, but it may be because we are enjoying it more.  Two minor criticisms, are the subplots.  Pam and Angela’s walking experience is short, but complete.  Darryl’s reunion with his ex-wife ends up…no one is sure where.

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