Apollo 18 – 2011

Directed by Gonzalo López-Gallego
Warren Christie, Lloyd Owen, Ryan Robbins
Written by
Brian Miller

For all of those who have heard that this movie is Paranormal Activity in space…don’t hold your breath.  It’s not that good.  It’s definitely not as good as the 2nd film, but it approaches the ending of the 3rd.  To do this, there would need to be better camera angles, less a feeling of confinement, and more tension.  What Apollo 18 does have is a lot of shouting and confusing signals.

Is this alien thing, you know, something large enough to leave tracks?  Yes.

Is it small enough to slip into a space suit?  Presumably.

So what killed the Russian?  The other Russian, I guess.

So what killed the other Russian?  Something in his helmet?

How about the…oh, I don’t care.

It’s not that I don’t think the people who made this movie didn’t take it seriously.  It seems like they play it pretty close to the vest.  The talent for camera angles, suspense and just plain consistency is not there.  A lot of people hate the Paranormal Activity films.  While one can understand why, they have made a lot out of not so much.  Until the last film.  This is a film after that one.  Showing reverence to it by copying it.  Cameras going out does not give the same feeling of fear as cameras that actually catch some scary footage.

I can’t blame them for trying.  I can’t get that 75 minutes (86 if you stayed through credits) back.  I won’t waste another minute of mine and yours.

(*1/2 out of *****)


    • I didn’t know what to think. The trailer was fair, but it was comprised of the same angles that were in the movie. None of these angles brought me any amount of suspense. Then again, neither did the original Paranormal Activity.

  1. i thought apollo 18 had so much potental to be a great movie.. it had an errie feeling to it, and what could be more scary than being on the moon with no one to help you. it had alot going for it half way through.. i was thinking, while watching it, that this is such a good set up for a real thriller. and i said to myself half way through i hope the writter realy use his imagination when we find out whats going on, on the desalite moon.. but unfortunately the writter did nt do anything other than follow a tired, dull, generic, formula. a bunch of big spiders aliens wow. how long did it take to come up with that one? and it left the russian back story out of the mix, which was a big mistake.. the charectures had zero depth, and very little appeal. what could have been a great movie turned out to be a huge disappointment. i forgetable waste of time. what a shame. its like they had a great idea and had no idea what to do with it. 1 and half stars… kevin maloney. critic at large

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