• The Writer –  Steve Hely
  • Directed by – B.J. Novak
  • A brief synopsis – Andy tries to make a group out of Oscar entering a trivia contest, while Dwight heads to Florida to pursue other opportunities within Sabre.
  • The best line – Robert: Alligators are dinosaurs Dwight. You know that right?
    Dwight: Mmmm, it’s complicated.
  • 2nd best line – Dwight: Excuse me.  Lady!  Get anyone from the COO’s office on the phone this very instant.  Admin: This must be very frustrating.
  • The best moment – Kelly dominates the trivia when it involves the Kardashians.
  • The best story line – Having Kelly, Kevin, Erin and Meredith win the trivia was obvious, the questions they used were decently inspired.
  • Notable guest appearance – A bar full Oscar’s friends and an Admin with so much experience at being spunky.
  • Grade – B-

A decent episode, though certainly not a standard-bearer.  Seeing Oscar so comfortable in his element and everyone else being unfazed in that very environment is a nice touch.  There is no real awkwardness, and this makes complete sense without seeming pandering.  One wishes they could treat Andy in charge in the same way more often.  Ryan being unable to be without his phone seems comfortably familiar.  Dwight’s escapade ends in an unsatisfying way.  The back and forth trips to Florida might be no big deal for Gabe, but treating Dwight so insignificantly seems kind of like a waste.  That said, the Admin was classic.


  1. According to Lieberstein this is a set up episode for Dwight. He will be getting a new position from RobCal and be in Florida for several episodes.

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