• The Writer –  Aaron Shure
  • Directed by – Eric Appel
  • A brief synopsis – Jim takes a half day stint in Jury Duty and drags it out all week.  When he comes back, he finds that everyone had to cover for his absence, and Dwight isn’t buying the story.  Angela is in the hospital with the State Senator, after having had her baby “premature.”  It leaves open the possibility that the State Senator may not be the father.
  • The best line – Oscar: I don’t know if it’s right.
    Robert: Well if it’s anything like that gorgeous wrapping paper, you hit it out of the park.
  • 2nd best line – Dwight: That baby is a Schrute, and unless somebody taught Mose sex, that baby is mine.
  • 3rd best line – Erin: Angela had the baby?
    Kevin: Is it black? Because that would be hilarious.
    Darryl: Why?  Kevin:…You know.
    Darryl: Would it be more hilarious than Angela having a Chinese baby?
    Kevin: A little bit. Yeah. Right guys? Back me up. 
  • The best moment – Dwight calling off the circumcision of Philip, and the nurse, after hearing he might be the father, tells him the circumcision will still happen.
  • The best story line – Who is the father of Angela’s baby?
  • Notable guest appearance – Jack Coleman as the State Senator
  • Grade – B

A slightly above average episode, made a winner due to the Dwight as potential father storyline.  Andy’s opener out of Footloose is pretty clever, even if it pushes into Michael Scott territory.  The Jim lying part of the show is a weak storyline.  Whenever Jim seems anything less than ahead of the game, it is a tough sell.  It has a nice resolution, though, when everyone realizes his “week off” was likely a bit of a challenge for he and Pam with their kids.  It is a good ensemble piece, though, and more realistic with only about half of the staff going to see Angela at the hospital, now that Michael is not there to force the love.

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