• The Writer – Rainn Wilson
  • Directed by – Charlie Grandy
  • A brief synopsis – Andy decides to head to Florida to win over Erin.  Dwight is back…and so is Nellie.
  • The best line – Nellie: So who knows what’s going on?  Anyone. (Kevin and Angela raise their hands)  You, yeah…(Pointing to Kevin) Wait.  I am very good at intuiting names…Is it…Chjumbo?  (Everyone stares blankly)
    Jim (to the camera): I think it’s a cross between “Dumbo” and “Jumbo,” with a hint of “Chubby.”  It’s not a name. 
  • 2nd best line – Robert:  Sometimes the flowers arrange themselves, Jim.
  • The best moment – Erin and Andy’s conversation in front of the fountain.  Pull back to find Irene’s grandson watching while he sunbathes on the roof.
  • The best story line – I guess we have to go with Erin and Andy, even if it is underwhelming after all the buildup.  At least that line had Irene.
  • Notable guest appearance – I love Georgia Engel as Irene.  I grow weary…oh so weary, of Catherine Tate as Nellie.  Guess who’s here for one more episode.
  • Grade – B-

Think of this episode as just trying to find out what to do with Nellie Bertram.  I so hoped that they could have fired her after the last episode.  Alas, it was a 6 episode arc.  Jim plays the role that the audience is feeling in just wanting her out of here.  I did enjoy the metaphor of her as Tinkerbell, but the payoff was less than I hoped it would be.  The world needs more of Georgia Engel.  Give her the recurring appearances, or her own sitcom.  I did not think as much of her in the ’70s, but she has something now that she lacked then…a gently acerbic wit.  Erin and Andy have chemistry in their lack thereof.  This episode was no exception.  It may just be “Get the Girl” fatigue, but after Jim and Pam and Michael and Holly, the path has worn thin.

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