• The Writer – Justin Spitzer
  • Directed by – Claire Scanion
  • A brief synopsis – Kelly is faced with a decision between Ryan and a new man.  Robert is on the verge of making a decision between Andy and Nellie.
  • The best line – Robert: Andy, not everyone here is important.  And the word is, impotence.
  • 2nd best line – Pam (incredulously to Ryan): Don’t shake our baby?  I’d never heard that before.
  • The best moment –  Phyllis’ 12 cliché’s is one of the better openings in a while, but Pam making it quite clear her distaste for Ryan is exquisite.
  • The best story line – The evolution of Andy.
  • Notable guest appearance – Sendhil Ramamurthy as Robbie, Kelly’s new paramour.
  • Grade – A

I am so tired of Nellie Bertram.  I so love Kelly Kapoor.  The storyline, improbable as it is, has a real good flow to it.  The best thing for me is that in having Andy experience a recurrence of an earlier event, it is clear how far he has come in all the years.  The depth of his character has been a reward for the viewer that Michael has never been able to do, for whatever reason.  The most important reason for the success of the episode is that everyone, literally, has a moment to shine.


  1. I hate Nellie Bertram.. I wish they would take her off.. She’s annoying to the point that i feel like not watching anymore.. Like many others have already done..

    • I can see where they thought they were going with the character, but it really has not panned out. Sucks too, because it acts counter to the real chemistry existing with the rest of the cast.

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