• The Writers Brent Butt, Mark Ferrell
  • Director David Storey
  • A brief synopsis – Boredom in the town of Dog River is interrupted when the old café that has been shut down since it’s owner died is reopened.  Add to the excitement Brent’s decision to start renting VHS tapes.  In 2004.
  • The best line – Brent: “He’s never even rented a video.  He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”
    Oscar: “I don’t want to know what I’m talkin’ about!”
  • The best moment – Brent volunteering to help Lacey end Hank’s boycott of her café.
  • The best storyline – Both of the main story lines are great for different reasons.  Oscar facing anything new is always a treat and Lacey’s tribute to her Aunt shows her sweet side.
  • Notable guest appearance – Well, everyone is new…to us.
  • Em’s Favorite Character – Oscar.  He’s so funny.
  • Grade – B+

CPE’s Review: A solid episode for a pilot.  It is obvious that a few folks, namely Brent and Lacey, are working their way through the characters.  Oscar, Emma, Hank and Wanda are already in mid-season form.  Two story lines is a little lean for this show, but both of them are strong and a good way to get the series characters into proper perspective.

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