Corner Gas, Episode 11: Hook, Line and Sinker

  • The Writer – Paul Mather, Mark Farrell and Ian Maclean
  • Director – David Storey
  • A brief synopsis – Karen has too good of a time while fishing with Hank, and no one in the town is letting her forget about it.  Brent and Lacey have something akin to fun with their new message board.  Brent, Wanda and Emma are having fun with Oscar’s seeming forgetfulness.
  • The best line – Karen: …I didn’t sleep with Hank!  Wanda (unable to hide her disgust): Are you having some kind of seizure or something?  Hank (walking into the convenience store): Hey (to Karen),  Hey Wanda, do you have any, uh, expired milk I can talk home?  Karen: I have to take a shower.
  • The best moment – Brent ponders Wanda’s skill at mixing up the same letters to create different phrases and thinks that she could have a career in…well…
  • 2nd best moment – When Brent realizes that Wanda has been at The Ruby, wandering the town and generally ignoring her duties at the front desk.
  • The best storyline – It’s pretty fun to ponder the gentle rivalry and teamwork that goes into that message board.
  • Notable guest appearance – Pamela Wallin (as herself), Canadian Idol Judges: Sass Jordan, Jake Gold, Jack Werner, Farley Flex (as themselves).
  • Em’s Favorite Character – Karen Pelly.  Poor Karen
  • Grade – B+
A very easy episode to digest, given they tackle a subject that they never will quite touch on again.  Unlike Friends, where everyone literally slept with each other to the point where they could have easily called it “Herpes,CG never quite reaches the relationship level with any of its characters aside from Oscar and Leroy, of course.  There will be one more hint of a moment through the rest of the series.  The back and forth between Lacey and Brent is fun, but more importantly, it allows for Wanda to further expand her character in a sneakily inspired way.

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