Corner Gas, Episode 12: Face Off

  • The Writer – Brent Butt, Andrew Carr
  • Director – Rob de Lint
  • A brief synopsis – Brent gets an offer to play for a competing hockey team from his local league.  Lacey thinks that she could help the team succeed if she were allowed to manage.  Oscar gets orders from Emma to fix the car.
  • The best line – Ronnie: I’m Ronnie.  You can call me Rocket.  Lacey: I’m Lacey.  You can call me that.
  • The best moment – Oscar thinking he’s getting away with just hitting the engine with a mallet when Emma walks by.  Just see it.
  • The best storyline – Lacey as a soccer expert is a nice touch for the character, and she wears it well.
  • Notable guest appearance – TSN Anchors: Darren Dutchyshen and Jennifer Hedger (as themselves),  Rocket Ronnie: Jamie Hutchinson
  • Em’s Favorite Character – Karen Pelly, because she forgets to help Oscar and Emma.
  • Grade – B+
A very smooth episode.  Brent as a hockey goalie is played realistically without being a bragging point.  Oscar’s unwillingness to help in even the slightest way is remarkable.  The best move the show makes is to give Lacey another dimension, but, like Brent’s goal tending, not making her unbelievably genius.

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