• The Writers – Brent Butt and Mark Farrell
  • Director – David Storey
  • A brief synopsis – The fallout from the Brent / Lacey near kiss continues as Lacey finds out just how good of a catch he is from the local townsfolk.  Davis is written up by Karen for shooting “willy nilly to scare away crows.”  Oscar takes $90 from Emma to buy a motor from Hank, and suffers the consequences.
  • The best line – Wanda: So you almost kissed.  (Lacey nods)  So now, you want to know how to proceed?  Huh?  Take things to the next level… Lacey: No.  (shakes her head) No!  The exact opposite.  I…I just want to be friends.  But, I’m afraid if I tell Brent that it’ll hurt his feelings.  (shakes her head again)  Wanda:  You give me five bucks, I’ll tell him.  Lacey (a look of disgust): No!  That would hurt his feelings even more.  He’d think I was a coward. Wanda: Give me five bucks or I’ll tell him.(Lacey winces) I need five bucks!
  • Second best line – Oscar: Metric?   I got news for you Hank: we won the war.
  • The best moment – Davis lending his gun to Hank because he’s “got a nest of squirrels or somethin'” in his attic.
  • The best storyline – 3 solid but not spectacular tales…I will always err on the side of Oscar, especially when he mixes with Hank’s obsession with measurements.
  • Notable guest appearance – Lloyd Robertson, Canadian news anchor
  • Em’s Favorite Character – Davis, because he tore up the report while never taking his eyes off Karen.
  • Grade – A-

Auspicious start to the second season, to essentially put dirt on the coffin of Brent and Lacey’s false start.  That said, everyone has something to do yet again in the episode, and no one feels like an odd part.  Hank and Oscar are really starting to cultivate something special as a side-show.

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