• The Writers – Mark Farrell and Paul Maher
  • Director – Robert De Lint
  • A brief synopsis – Oscar and Emma reveal to Brent that they have never been married.  Brent finds a Darrel Sittler Rookie card that he won from Hank over a game of knuckles as a child.  Davis takes it upon himself to plan Oscar and Emma’s wedding.  Wanda and Karen find themselves drawn into a debate.  Lacey gets the idea that Oscar is illiterate.
  • The best line – Lacey (to Brent):  Hey.  Wanda thinks you’re a bastard.  Brent: It’s true.  I am a bastard.  Davis: Your parents were never married?  Brent: Well, I don’t mean I’m inconsiderate.
  • Second best line – Oscar: Stupid ketchup!…who say’s Catsup! Karen: Who argues with condiments?
  • The best moment – When Davis falls asleep hemming.
  • The best storyline – There are so many great stories in this episode, it’s a crime to pick just one: Oscar and Lacey, followed closely by knuckles.
  • Notable guest appearance – Darrel Sittler, former hockey star who is cursed and forgotten.
  • Em’s Favorite Character – Davis, because he planned the wedding.
  • Grade – A+

One of the top five episodes of the series and definitely one of the best written.  Everyone has a spectacular line (or two, in many cases) to follow.  Davis and Karen are brought more to the forefront, and the show benefits from their development.  There is not one moment of letdown throughout the episode.  The show is definitely on by now.

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