• The Writers – Paul Maher and Kevin White
  • Director – Robert De Lint
  • A brief synopsis – Brent and Hank work a delicate balance of trying to do things for one another, without having to owe one a favor.  Lacey and Wanda find this behavior to their advantage.  Oscar is relegated to walking when he finds himself unappreciated by Emma.  After finding a pair of perfectly good pants on the side of the road, the falls into a new hobby, which drives Emma even more over the ledge.  Karen loses her hacky sack, and consequently blames everyone else for “taking” it.
  • The best line – Oscar: Little treasures are everywhere, and nobody sees them!  People are ignorant.  Emma (looking at Oscar walk away): Some are.
  • The best moment – The preposition display to start the episode is a perfect example of the show’s wide appeal:  those who are literate and those who aren’t.
  • 2nd best moment – Oscar finding the arrow-head “blank,” leading back to a flashback of the Native American who dropped it years before.
  • The best storyline – Brent and Hank’s duel to see who could do less is one of the greats.
  • Notable guest appearance – Wade the garbage man gets hired and fired, all due to Oscar.
  • Em’s Favorite Character – Karen, because she’s funny when she blamed everyone for stealing her hacky sack.  When she found it was funny too.
  • Grade – A-

A wonderful episode for Hank and Brent and the truly ungenerous nature of giving.  The way Lacey and Wanda exist in the periphery of the two boys’ stupid plans is near genius.  Emma has one of her best episodes working off of the brilliant Oscar, who finds new definitions to his character even now.  Only Karen and Davis’ story leaves anything to be desired.  Even so, it’s not bad at all.

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