• The Writers – Mark Farrell and Paul Maher
  • Director – David Storey
  • A brief synopsis – Brent wants to keep Hank from finding out that he is getting a new gigantic widescreen television.  This translates to Hank as Brent becoming poor, so he starts to work with other members of the town to help Brent out.  Brent, accepting their generosity at face value, thinks he’s on a good run of luck.  Oscar and Emma take a dispute over placing the top on a sugar bowl to the nth degree.    Wanda is selling jewelry, making a sale on Lacey that Lacey learns to regret.  Lacey also learns about the difference between men and women from a variety of men.
  • The best line – Emma: What is this? Oscar: I’m naked.  Emma: Well I didn’t think you were holding a wrinkly purse.
  • The best moment – My favorite has got to be Oscar in the nude surprised by Emma’s decision to have a party.
  • The 2nd best moment – Brent’s reaction to having his television so close in his house being mistaken by Hank at the bar.  Brent looks adorable without glasses.
  • The best storyline – Oscar and Emma rule the roost in a close race with Brent taking everyone’s generosity with no hint of wonder.
  • Notable guest appearance – Mr. Scratchy, the dog of Todd’s Junk shop owner (Sheldon Bergstrom), we hardly knew you.  Lloyd Robertson makes yet another appearance doing the news as  Brent watches while eating chips.
  • Em’s Favorite Character – Oscar because he was funny when he decided to go naked.
  • Grade – A

The concept of a giant screen television in a small residence is comical gold.  Seeing the effect it has with him rubbing his sore eyes sans glasses is one of the iconic images of the show so far.  Nothing though, can top Oscar’s decision to go sans clothes.  Strategically placed cameras keep the show rated G, but it’s Emma’s reaction and counter to this move are classic.  Hank, Karen and especially Davis do much with their limited roles.  Wanda shows a merciless streak that will benefit her character in the coming years.  Lacey’s interactions with the men defining the differences help her character from becoming cliche.

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