• The Writers –  Brent Butt and Andrew Carr
  • Director –  Robert De Lint
  • A brief synopsis – Karen is suspended for failing her drug test (after using allergy medicine).  As a result, she starts to occupy Hank’s space in Brent’s life.  An unexpected day off has Wanda joining Emma playing Bingo.  Soon she finds herself calling the game and Emma finds her winning streak in jeopardy.  Lacey discovers that people like cookies bought from the gas station better than the ones she makes at the Ruby.
  • The best line – Karen: Hmm…So this is what it’s like to be useless.  Idling the hours away with no particular purpose in life.  Lacey (to Hank, after he sidles up to the bar):  Hank, are your ears burning?  Hank (perplexed): Uh, no.  I’ve got a thing on my foot that’s itchy.
  • The best moment – When we discover where O-72 is located.
  • The best storyline – Karen moving into the delicate space that Hank occupied for so very long.
  • Notable guest appearance – Frank Adamson as the lovelorn klutz, Fred.
  • Em’s Favorite Character – Lacey, because she tried to sell her cookies, but people were buying the fake cookies, which looked kind of good.
  • El’s Favorite Character –  Hank because he was so goofy copying the quotes like Karen did.
  • Grade – A –

Excellent story for Wanda, who had been under used to this point in the season.  Karen without the badge is almost more entertaining than with it.  Amazingly the show is wonderful, even when they tone down Oscar.  More of Emma, with her secret admirer, can never hurt.


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