• The Writers – Brent Butt and Mark Farrell
  • Director – David Storey
  • A brief synopsis – Brent quits Oscar and Emma’s curling team and then forms one of his own.  Then begins an effort to draft Lacey which means pretending that she is funny.  Karen is placed as caretaker of the Clavet Cup, which becomes a task.
  • The best line – Brent: Well, it may hold the same level of intensity as muffin stacking, but it (curling) has its moments.  Lacey: Well, I’m sure it does, it’s just not my cup of tea.  Hank(indignantly): Oh, come on, it’s more exciting than a cup of tea.  Brent: Yeah, I mean, it may not be muffins but it’s more than tea.  Give it that much. Lacey: Fine.  (Perplexed)  It’s less than muffins but more than tea.  Brent: Was that so difficult?  Lacey: I don’t even know what I’m saying.  Brent: Then our work here is done.  See ya.  Lacey (resigned): Bye.
  • The best moment – The moment that Myrtle steps out on the ice with her arthritic hip turns into a chilling example of how cold the characters can be to one another.  Chillingly wonderful.
  • The best storyline – Emma’s playing ability tied to her mood by Davis.  A nice angle for both.
  • Notable guest appearance – Randy Ferbey and Dave Nedohin, professional curlers
  • Em’s Favorite Character – Oscar and Davis because they were being silly trying to get Emma to curl better.
  • El’s Favorite Character – Davis because he was giving Karen a hard time about the trophy.
  • Grade – B+

Good episode, that confidently goes the full Canada by centering around the truly Canadian sport of curling.  The result is solid, not spectacular.  Karen’s gullibility is pushed to the limit, but there is something wonderful about Davis’ play on the importance of the Cup.  The rest of the cast plays fast, loose and against the laws of physics.

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