• The Writers – Mark Farrell and Paul Mather
  • Director –  David Storey
  • A brief synopsis –  A strangely Canadian looking citizen of the U.S. finds his way in Dog River by mistake.  An ATM is placed in the Insurance / Liquor store.  Karen attempts to learn French.  Davis and Fitzy have their doubts about the machine, but the rest of the town enjoys it as a hangout, except for Oscar.  Hank is appointed as Goodwill Ambassador, and then consequently deposed of his position.
  • The best line –  Davis (as Brent skids to a stop after speeding through town to get to him and Fitzy): Hey, you can’t drive like that!  I should write you up a ticket.  Brent: I’m goodwill ambassador.  I have diplomatic immunity.  Davis (looks to Fitzy, who nods in agreement):  Cool.  What’s up?  Brent (breathing heavily): It’s about the tourist.  Davis: What about him?  Brent: Hank.  Davis: What’s he doing?  Is he being Hank?  Is he doing Hank-type stuff? (Brent nods) Okay (exhales).  Time for a little community policing.  Cut to Hank, being left at his house as Davis peels out in the Police Car: I was an ambassador!
  • The best moment –  Wanda explaining the linguistics between Dog River and Deer Lake.
  • The best storyline – Hank and his never-ending walk back to town from his home…has a great ending, too.
  • Notable guest appearance – Mark McKinney, who seemed more Canadian than American,
  • Em’s Favorite Character – Davis, because he got rid of the ATM.
  • El’s Favorite Character – Brent, because he was the goodwill ambassador.
  • Grade – A

Rock solid episode with so many wonderful parts.  Wanda trying to impart intelligence on a wayward town is always a treat.  Oscar having no one care for his opinion is even better.  Karen is a key peripheral character, and Davis’ routine as Fitzy’s muscle is a classic twist on the small town crooked cop.  Bilingual?  Say that to yourself, and then listen to the way the “American” says it. Nonetheless, it is fun seeing Hank and then Brent give him the red carpet treatment.

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