• Written by Owen Ellickson
  • Directed by Claire Scanlon
  • A brief synopsis – Andy brings his A Capella group in for a Halloween Concert, and is subsequently driven sideways by Broccoli Rob, which taxes Erin.  Jim and Pam have a dispute over his investment in the new venture.  Nellie and Dwight obsess over a pill.
  • The best line – Kevin – It turns out that Pam really, really hates monster mash.  I mean, like, never bring up that song in front of her.  Even though Jim was making great points, like, in favor of the song.  Pam was like, no, stupid.
  • The best moment – Creed’s outfit…what a wonderful coincidence.
  • 2nd best moment – Faith!  And it’s aftermath.
  • The best story line – Clark’s interest in Here Comes Treble is sweet, if for no other reason than it irks Stanley.
  • Key exit(s) – …I will probably never see Here Comes Treble again.  Please go away, Nellie.
  • Notable guest appearance –  Broccoli Rob!  Stephen Colbert!
  • Grade – B

I am tired of these things: Nellie, Oscar and The Senator (as a not-so ambiguously gay duo) and Nellie.  Having Toby fall in love with a female version of himself just did not work.  Dwight and the pill didn’t either.  Even so, I still found many things charming about the episode.  Erin, showing a both degree of sanity and insanity about Andy’s obsession is nice.  So is the Jim and Pam desire versus reality storyline, especially as the backdrop of an A Capella song.  The combination of Clark and Pete just works.  And then the costumes.  A good effort.

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