• The Writers – Andrew Carr & Brent Butt
  • Director – David Storey
  • A brief synopsis – After wearing a skirt to work, Wanda notices a change in Brent’s behavior towards her.  Lacey’s washing machine breaks down and her friendship with Emma turns a corner.  Hank and Oscar try to outwit one another in the stock market.  Davis and Karen battle it out trying to annoy one another.
  • The best line – Lacey: Can’t catch your own germs.
  • The best moment – Oscar calls Hank by calling Brent, to have him call Hank, to have Hank call Oscar, because he doesn’t know Hank’s number.  You have to see it.  Brilliant.
  • The best storyline – Lacey without a dishwasher is a different creäture.  Emma sure loves pie.
  • Notable guest appearance – n/a
  • Em’s Favorite Character – Oscar “No, I forgot to buy milk…” Loves his sarcastic lack of sarcasm.
  • Grade – A

A truly cohesive effort that shows everyone at their best.  There are very few missteps in this classic.  Hank versus Oscar, complete with imaginary money.  Emma is as comfortable as I have ever seen her. Davis and Karen have one of those story lines that only people working too close together could get.  Let’s not forget Brent and Wanda, mirroring their off-screen romance…not quite.

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