• The Writers – Brent Butt & Paul Mather
  • Director – Robert De Lint
  • A brief synopsis – Emma and Brent take up a bet as to who can give up their habits.  Emma finds new life with Oscar, and Brent finds his life disturbed beyond measure.  Karen and Davis start taking citizens on ride alongs that become a hit, to their detriment.  Hank’s life changes with his new electronic organizer.
  • The best line – Emma (about Oscar): Master linguist.  Oscar: Watch your mouth!
  • 2nd best line – Lacey: It’s Thursday.  Davis: Not in Rotterdam.
  • 3rd best line – Paul: Hey Karen, want a beer?  Karen: No thanks, I’m off duty.
  • The best moment – Hank’s scheduled bathroom break.
  • The best storyline – The ride alongs, especially Wanda still having “so much to learn.”  Hank has a way of changing everything.
  • Notable guest appearance – Ben Mulroney, showing his “no” talent.
  • Em’s Favorite Character – Brent because he fell asleep in almost every scene.
  • El’s Favorite Character – Karen because she said “this is going to be okay…”
  • Grade – A+

One of the best episodes ever if for no other reason than the writing and timing.  Every story works and they weave together nicely.  Almost every line emits some sort of smirk, if not an outright laugh.  Oscar’s support for Emma turns into the kind of routine that so many couples go through…one loves it, one gets tired of it.  Kind of like my wife when I decided to review every episode of The Office.  She still likes Corner Gas, for now.

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