• Written by Brent Forrester
  • Directed by Graham Wagner
  • A brief synopsis – Angela goes to Dwight for help when she discovers that she is being cuckolded.  Pete distracts Pam with a project for the group while she is attempting to paint a mural, while Jim is taken advantage of by Phyllis and Stanley when he needs their help.
  • The best line – Angela: I feel so stupid.  I sit next to him every day.  Dwight: You’re not stupid.  Jazz is stupid.  Angela: JAZZ IS STUPID!  I mean just play the right notes!
  • The best moment – Hide (pronounced “HEEDAY”) waiting patiently for Pam to start painting, then when she does, he tells her she “paint very bad bad.”  She tells him to shut up.  Precious.
  • The best story line – I have to give the nod to Angela and Dwight speaking very frankly for once about their own indiscretions.
  • Key exit(s) – Could this be the end of HRG.  God I hope so.
  • Notable guest appearance –  Hide and Trevor.  Nobody likes Trevor.
  • Grade – B-

There is nothing really horrible about this episode.  There is nothing truly transcendent, either.  We get a good glimpse at how good of a couple Dwight and Angela could be, and it’s a nice tender thing.  We get to see Pete continue down the road somewhere between Jim and early Ryan.  What are those looks that Erin is giving him, anyway?  Jim’s side business better get interesting soon.  Pam’s painting has an excellent resolution.  I am glad that Hide cares.  The last bit with Dwight, Angela and Toby is like a dream.  If only it were more believable.

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