• Written by Dan Greaney
  • Directed by Matt Sohn
  • A brief synopsis – The staff makes it a personal mission to test each of the many flavors that come with the NEspresso machine that they got as a gift from Jan when she returned her sex slave, Clark.  Darryl brings Pam along with him for his interview in Philadelphia.  Erin and Pete = awkward.  Clark and Dwight team as father and son to make a sale.
  • The best line – Dwight – Cartograph much?
  • 2nd best line – Angela (high on espresso) – What is the point of this window?
  • The best moment – So many to choose from…I would say just seeing the staff high on espresso was a recurring gift.  No gift was better, though, than seeing Angela produce a napkin for the group cheer.
  • The best story line – I so want to see Darryl succeed.  Even if the fish tank thing is a little too obvious…
  • Key exit(s) –  Well, we heard about Jan when Clark returned.
  • Notable guest appearance –  Nice to see the people at Jim’s new company.
  • Grade – A-

So many interspersed stories and each of them well-played.  This is as solid an episode as any this year aside from Dwight Christmas.  This is one of the few episodes where the cold open leads directly into a story, and a damn good one about how these characters need to evolve.  The show is taking a wise path in letting some characters move on, some stay behind, but all of them change.  Pam represents us in her agony over the change.  Most of us dedicated fans of the show are right where she is.  Wisely played.


  1. what about the fish tank is obvious. sorry I’m not dense i just can’t get enough of this show and would love to understand every aspect of it

    • Hi Matt, and thank you for taking the time to read up on a show that you and I really love. My problem with a lot of the storylines for Darryl by this time is that to me they seem like a form of pandering to a guy that most people watching the show feel should have been the manager by the beginning of this season. This is partially due to his success outside the show, partly because of the very cool growth of the character. When he wasn’t they started placing him in almost every straight man situation by that point.

    • Too follow up on my earlier comment, there was a role reversal in Season 9 where they gave Darryl some time being a goof. Seeing him in the interview room with a fish tank in it, one could kind of figure with that much time spent showing the fish tank, it was bound to happen that Darryl would goof it a bit and the tank would break.

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