• Written by Owen Ellickson
  • Directed by Lee Kirk
  • A brief synopsis – Jim and Darryl room together in Philly.  Pam is a woman scorned by the warehouse hand that vandalized her painting.  Angela is incensed by Oscar’s invitation to the party for her kid’s first birthday.  Oscar is a little put off in how he is introduced at the party.
  • The best line – Meredith: Yeah and someone had the balls to put my phone number on the men’s room wall.  Which is so messed up.  It’s 6782 not 83!  Creed: Uh, 6783’s also a good time.  Less mileage.
  • The best moment – Erin’s sneaky sneak.
  • The best story line – The HRG, Angela and Oscar storyline finally works.  This is not because it was a really good storyline, either.
  • Key exit(s) –  Brian (I hope).
  • Notable guest appearances –  Mark Proksch as the woe-begotten Nate.  Ameenah Kaplan as Val.  HRG as The Senator.  Chris Diamantopoulos as Brian, Season 9’s biggest mistake.
  • Grade – C-

I can’t believe that they are going this far.  It’s a big mistake to bring Brian into the story at all, but now to concoct such a ludicrous storyline as Pam’s seeking revenge?  Ludicrously off-key for a character they’ve spent so many years cultivating.  If it goes anywhere, the story is ruined.  If it doesn’t, it was a big waste of time.  Bringing a guy in to pick a fight with her is just about the worst play-out of a story line in the history of the show.  Dwight is being called in for special missions about as often as Michael did things that would have resulted in his firing back in the day.   The HRG storyline has a sneaky potential, but I think calling in Kevin for the carpet bombing at the end throws it off a bit.  The episode could have used more Jim and Darryl, to perhaps make their storyline more believably contentious.  The low score is for the Brian storyline, though.  They need to jettison that crap.


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