• Written and Directed by – Paul Lieberstein
  • A brief synopsis – Aunt Shirley from Moving On has passed away.  Enter Dwight’s whole family, friends and assorted hangers-on.  Bob Packer is back and he is seemingly apologetic for his past sins.  He makes a peace-offering, which Pam tries to get the crew to resist.
  • The best line – Bob Packer: I just want to say I’m sorry for screwing you.  Meredith: I’m not sorry about it.  Bob Packer: I am.  It was my rock bottom.
  • The best moment – Dwight, making sure that Aunt Shirley is really gone.
  • 2nd best moment – Everyone’s description of their reaction to giving in to Bob’s offering.
  • The best story line – I have to go with Packer’s revenge.
  • Notable guest appearances – All of the cast for the would be show, The Farm. Matt L. Jones, Tom Bower, Majandra Delfino, and Thomas Middleditch 
  • Key exit(s) –  All of the cast for the would be show, The Farm.
  • Grade – B+

The saddest thing about this episode is also the weakest aspect.  This was supposed to be a lead in for the (at one time sure thing) offshoot series of the same name as the episode.  Even if the episode feels a bit like a pilot, it’s sad that Dwight is not given a chance to make his own version of Frasier.  Each of the characters feel like they are being prepped for the long run, and it distracts from the flow.  Still, Dwight with his nephew is kind of sweet.

There are better aspects to the show, back at home.  If you had to bring back Packer, this is the way to do it.  So many memorable little vignettes are produced, it provides laughs for almost everyone else in the show at record time.  In wondering what in the heck happened to Dwight and Angela, one can’t help but notice this was the 5th show produced for the season.

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