Another Look: Galaxy Quest (***1/2) still good, almost great

If only the scriptwriters could have done more to punch up the story to match the superior acting talent, this might be a classic.

The Meg (**) – Internationally Bad

Nothing I say here will likely prevent you from seeing this film. That's fine. It works sort of hard sometimes (very few, really) to entertain. It is definitely a likable venture.

If I can save you a few bucks on the Imax price, my job is done. If I had run out of steam on this review a little earlier, I probably could have strengthened the script. I would need my kids to fix the special effects, though.

The Office: Episode 179 – The Farm

Written and Directed by - Paul Lieberstein A brief synopsis – Aunt Shirley from Moving On has passed away.  Enter Dwight's whole family, friends and assorted hangers-on.  Bob Packer is back and he is seemingly apologetic for his past sins.  He makes a peace-offering, which Pam tries to get the crew to resist. The best line – Bob … Continue reading The Office: Episode 179 – The Farm