The Guilt Trip – 2012

Director Anne Fletcher
Starring Seth Rogen, Barbra Streisand, Brett Cullen, Adam Scott, Ari Graynor, Casey Wilson, Colin Hanks, Yvonne Strahovski, Jeff Kober, Kathy Najimy, Nora Dunn, Jeff Kober
Screenplay Dan Fogelman

  • Every time Barbra Streisand makes a live appearance, people who refer to her as Babs swoon as if it’s the second coming.  The Guilt Trip is Babs’ first role since Little Fockers.  The common thread, she was nominated for the Razzie each time.
  • The cell phone montage at the start of the movie is less annoying than one might expect from a Razzie nominee.  Part of me wonders why a single guy like Andy Brewster (Rogen) would not have enough time for his mother at least once a guy.  It’s not like he’s got anything going socially.
  • Selling a product named Sci-Clean does not give the feeling of “environmentally friendly.”
  • Could a person playing Streisand’s son have a job that did not meet her liberal standards?  I mean, could he run a Walmart?
  • Streisand actually has a good touch as an overly mothering mother.  I wonder if her one son, Jason, can relate to Rogen at all here.
  • Barbra looks pretty good for a woman in her early ’70’s.
  • I find it quite fetching when Joyce tells her son to put up his hood in the snow storm while the stripper uses her heel to knock snow from the bottom of the tire.
  • I wonder if Costco’s product development is actually located in Texas.  I would have thought that it was in Western Washington.
  • The laughs that this film gets is almost directly proportional to the chemistry between the leads, with the talent of Streisand the cherry on top.  This movie with Rogen and most other middle-aged actresses would not be nearly as good.
  • Joyce’s self-aware moment (“Why, Andy?  Why?  What did I do wrong?”) is something one would not expect from a movie, say, like “Stop or My Mom Will Shoot.”
  • The bar fight that comes soon after is also one that might not be expected.  Stallone would never let himself get hit without taking everyone out everyone else in the room.  I am not sure Stallone could take out Jeff Kober, though.
  • 4.5 pounds of meat…the size of a small poodle…in a under one hour.  With the Salad Dressing on the side.  Nice.
  • Brett Cullen is 15 years younger than Barbra, but they look like they might work out alright.
  • I think I got tired of going into The Gap before the Thompson Twins made it big.
  • Food IS love.  But so is not letting your loved ones eat after 7pm.
  • Seeing the Grand Canyon is a time trap.
  • Imagining Babs is going to Las Vegas for the first time is what one would call the willing suspension of disbelief.
  • Imagining Barbra Streisand sitting next to a normal schlub for the first time at Vegas is not so hard to believe.
  • It is hard to take Rogen as straight-laced when his laugh just oozes “pass the joint.”
  • I would be pretty ticked if one of my kids plotted to get me in touch with an old flame, too.
  • Nora Dunn is one I expected would be starring on HSN by now.  I just did not expect that she would be playing a character on the channel.
  • One wishes that Seth Rogen would have realized that he was boring earlier in the film.
  • “Does it actually clean?  Well we’re really gonna wanna see that at some point.”
  • This is the first movie Adam Scott was in that I might watch a second time.
  • Part of me thought I should be annoyed by Barbra Streisand, but she is thoroughly enjoyable in this film.

(***1/2 out of *****)

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