Drinking Buddies – 2014

Writer and Director Joe Swanberg
Starring Olivia Wilde, Jake Johnson, Anna Kendrick, Ron Livingston

1) They call it a comedy.  There are no laughs at the screen, and only booze induced laughs coming from the screen.

2) Most characters are the most boring people you would ever want to meet.

3) Movie spends way too much time the “Will they or won’t they?” when it’s obvious the writer knows as much about sealing the deal as George “Milady” Lucas.

4) The soundtrack is imposed upon us.  We get these musicians are your friends, and these are the only songs you can afford, but there is a reason they are not signed to a major label.  You ARE their big break, and all this does is confuse us at crucial points.

5) The highlight of the film is when you go to your cousin’s cabin?  Really?  Again?

6) You sucked all the funny from Ron Livingston.  Right through the marrow.

7) Boring stuff you think of after being gifted a beer making kit is pushed upon an unsuspecting audience as actual meaningful observations, when it’s really just boring thoughts.  Really.

8) Tries to be more than it is by being in the same spot at the end of the film as they were in the beginning.

9) A lack of ideas is not depth if you film silence.

10) This type of crap makes people less likely to see good independent films, like those of Jeff Nichols.

(** out of *****)

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