CG Hair Loss

  • The Writers – Brent Butt and Andrew Carr
  • Director – David Storey
  • A brief synopsis – Brent’s fears he’s losing his hair and Lacey wants to help him out, which only makes things weird.  Wanda, Karen and Davis compete at an auction and Wanda ends up with Emma’s old lamp.  Oscar takes new plateware at the Ruby to be some sort of magic by Lacey.  Hank tries to show Brent he can fix appliances
  • The best line – “Like I don’t have enough face East to West, now it’s pushing northward.”
  • 2nd best line – “Just to be clear. You brought this here to brag, right?”
  • The best moment – Rewired an early 1900 Featherstone…
  • The best story line – The episode is not a spectacular one, but it is interesting how all of the story lines interweave. Classic Seinfeldesque.
  • Notable guest appearance –  None
  • Grade Solid B

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