• The Writers – Mark Farell and Andrew Carr
  • Director – Rob DeLint
  • A brief synopsis – Hank loses his job delivering newspapers, allowing Oscar to move in and fulfill his dream job. Brent is invited to draw cartoons for Lacey’s new coffee-shop bulletin. This leads to misunderstandings with Davis and Karen. With his free time, Hank develops a moneymaking scheme for Lacey, then the competition…
  • The best line – “Hey, I don’t get the paper.” “Well, you got one now, Jackass.”
  • 2nd best line – “And, we’re a rectangle. Nature’s most perfect shape.”
  • The best moment – Oscar being surprised, not that people didn’t get the paper, but that they had his number to complain.
  • The best story line – Oscar and the paper. It’s always glorious when they give him something to do.
  • Notable guest appearance –  Vicki Gabreau, but it’s all in Brent’s head. Premiere Lorne Calvert.
  • Grade A

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