• The Writers – Brent Butt, Mark Farrell, Paul Mather and Kevin White
  • Director – David Storey
  • A brief synopsis – Hank’s past motivates him to organize a gift drive for a family he believes is needy. Brent’s memories are under attack when Emma sets her sights on a new version of a traditional Christmas. Lacey tries to go home for Christmas. Wanda tries to get her hands on the season’s hot toy.
  • The best line –  “It doesn’t even have to be good. Because for them, anything’s good. They’re a poor family.” Karen considering the ease of donating to poor Christmas drives. We’ve all thought it, she says it.
  • The second best line – “I’m not trying to start a fight. You say you’re a bad mother, that’s good enough for me.” 
  • The best moment – Brent discussing the sound of Christmas, a la a can of cranberry sauce plopping out.
  • The best story line – Hank, trying to do something for someone altruistically. How could you beat it? Cheap, not needy.
  • Notable guest appearance – Gavin Crawford, Roman Danylo, Dan Redican
  • Grade – A- because I like the Christmas version of the themes.

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