The Guest (****) While we’re on Adam Wingard…

The strength of the film is in the script and Wingard exploring the range of his lead antagonist.


Beauty and the Beast: Old and new it stands out of time…

Celebrate these films. They are gifts to humanity. There have always been beauties who were drawn to beasts that they had to learn to understand. There have always been beasts who are society's winners that smart girls know to avoid, too. This film has brought hope to many a bookworm girl and boy that they will someday meet and learn to accept one another. And grow. Everyone wants to feel like they can do that.

A Walk Among The Tombstones (***1/2): Deliberate, with a few surprises

A Walk Among The Tombstones - 2014 Writer and Director Scott Frank Starring Liam Neeson, Dan Stevens, Boyd Holbrook, Sebastian Roché, Brian "Astro" Bradley, David Harbour, Adam David Thompson Based upon the book by Lawrence Block There is something very lived in about Liam Neeson's Matthew Scudder, the protagonist from A Walk Among The Tombstones. Given the this story takes place … Continue reading A Walk Among The Tombstones (***1/2): Deliberate, with a few surprises