Starring: Timothy Olyphant, Kiele Sanchez, Steve Zahn, Milla Jovovich

Director: David Twohy

In the age of HD, a movie like A Perfect Getaway will get me to rent a little sooner than several other movies of equal star power strictly for the promise of good use of imagery.  Beyond that, I have been a big fan of Timothy Olyphant since his turn as Seth Bullock on the magnificent HBO series of old, “Deadwood.”  Still, when the dvd started spinning, I pretty much thought I had the movie figured out, and, at best, I would just be enjoying the scenery.  I am pleased to say, I was wrong.

The movie presents a seemingly blissful young couple (Zahn and Jovovich) out to enjoy a honeymoon hike of a beautiful remote hiking beach on the last island of Hawaii.  Along the way, they see an article about another young newlywed couple that had been murdered on Honolulu earlier in the week.

At this point, everyone they encounter becomes suspect to them.  Not the least of which is a supposed former Iraq War Veteran (Olyphant) and his backwoods babe (Sanchez).  Director David Twohy (Pitch Black, The Chronicles of Riddick) knows how to keep the tension ratcheted with appropriate amounts of laughs.

This movie is definitely worth watching if you like thrillers or whodunits.  Also, Sanchez has a breakthrough role here, taking the scenes from Jovovich with a wile, winsome smile.  One minor quibble occurs for me when they reveal the twist.  I was had, to be sure, but by the time you get through seeing 10 minutes of (at that point) unneeded exposition, you feel you could have written it better.  Although that could just be jealousy.

***1/2 ,  Shanyn says ***, though.

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