The Office: Episode 59 – The Deposition

  • The Writer – Lester Lewis
  • Director – Julian Farino
  • A brief synopsis – Michael is brought in to speak to the lawsuit that Jan brought upon Dunder-Mifflin.  Jim’s ping-pong games with Darryl becomes a larger thing when Kelly’s trash talk to Pam.
  • The best line –
    Pam: Okay, it’s not regulation size, but it’ll do. You have to practice. You have to get real good and beat Darryl.
    Jim: Oh, I can’t beat Darryl.
    Pam: Please? Kelly’s trash talking me because Darryl is beating you.
    Jim: What, seriously? What is she saying?
    Kelly: [flashback, to Pam] Your boyfriend is so weak, he needs steroids just to watch baseball.
    Kelly: [flashback, to Pam] Jim couldn’t hit a ping pong ball if it was the size of the moon.
    Kelly: [flashback, to Pam] Were Jim’s parents first cousins that were also bad at ping pong?
    Jim: So you’re asking me to defend your honor against Kelly?
    Pam: Sorta, yes.
    Jim: Bring me players.
  • The best moment – Toby laughing as the lawyers describing his crush on Ryan.
  • 2nd best moment – Dwight vs. Mose.  Enough said.
  • The best storyline – Jim’s attempts at becoming better at ping-pong by teaming up with Dwight, who happens to be a huge fan of ping-pong and kicks his ass.  Then Pam ends up taking on Kelly, as Jim and Darryl slink back upstairs.
  • Notable guest appearance – Lawyers and Mose.
  • Would Michael have been reprimanded? – Not here, even though his deposition is mystifyingly dumb.
  • Grade – C+

So the writers’ abuse of Michael continues as he is given lines of logic that no one on earth could follow.   There are moments, but overall, this episode is representative of a bad lot.


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