• The Writer – Mindy Kaling
  • Director – Marc Webb
  • A brief synopsis – CEO Mrs. Jo Stafford makes an appearance, and within minutes her dog is sniffing Andy’s crotch and she has determined that two bosses is a stupid idea.  Jim and Michael then compete to see who becomes Manager and who becomes salesman.  Andy gives cards to everyone in the office for Valentines day, hoping to make a point with Erin.  Kelly Kapoor intercepts that point.  Dwight and Ryan work to bring Jim down as manager.
  • The best line – Michael: What is that smell? Do you smell that? What is that? Like a sulfur deposit under here?
    Pam: Michael, stop.
    Michael: No, I’m serious, we don’t have to put up… Is it the dogs?
    Pam: Michael…
    Michael: You know what, we don’t have to deal with this. I am going to Google sulfur maps.
    Dwight: Michael, it’s Phyllis.
    Michael: No, this is geological.
    Phyllis: I sent an email out to everyone in this area that this might be a side effect to my new allergy medication I’m on.
    Michael: Are you kidding me?
    Phyllis: No.
    Michael: And you guys are okay with this?
    Dwight: She sent an email, so.
    Phyllis: I did.
    Andy: [has two tissues in his nostrils] It’s not cause of the smell. I’m just expecting a nosebleed.
    Michael: Oh my God.
  • 2nd best line – Michael: Hey.
    Jim: Hey.
    Michael: You know, it’s funny. I used to stand in here and wish I was out there. Now I’m out there, and I wish I was in here.
    Jim: Well, the grass is always greener.
    Michael: Yeah. Except there’s no grass out there. It’s just a farty dirt patch.
    Jim: Well, it’s what you wanted.
  • The best moment – Every moment with Kathy Bates, but I am going to have to go with “They love a good crotch.”
  • The best storyline – Andy and Erin never get old.  This time with a confused Kelly in the mix: sublime.
  • Notable guest appearance – Kathy Bates once more as Jo.  The IT guy, as played by Nelson Franklin.
  • Would Michael have been reprimanded? – In a heartbeat, if Jo thought much of his position.  She’s a big picture gal, you see.
  • Grade – A

Great storylines that benefit from the influx of new talent.  But it’s Mindy Kaling that shines here, of course.  Her instantaneous decision to respond to Andy’s unwitting advances make for many good moments, especially when you throw in Jo and her crotch sniffing dogs.  The interplay with Jim and Michael’s dueling motivations is entertaining as well, especially when it is resolved with Michael deciding he’d rather mess around all day than possibly make more money.  Extra points for the “Nard” Dogs and Jo walking out of a room full of questions with no cares whatsoever.  Great episode.


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