• The Writer – Jennifer Celotta
  • Director – John Krasinski
  • A brief synopsis – Sabre takes over the office, and, of course, Michael struggles to adjust.  Pam and Jim interview for a local daycare they’d like their child to attend.  Andy and Erin team up for a song for their new company.
  • The best line – Michael: Okay, everybody, listen up. I have some bad news. Due to circumstances beyond my control –
    Dwight: Impulsivity and inattention to detail.
    Michael: Hey, hey. I have opened a box, which should not have been opened…
    Dwight: Terrible mistake.
    Michael: And distributed things which should not have been distributed.
    Dwight: Undistributable.
    Pam: Well, maybe we can put the box back together.
    Dwight: Impossible. He opened it like an ape.
    Oscar: I think we can do it.
  • The best moment – David, enjoying the freedom of being laid off.
  • The best storyline – Andy and Erin.  Erin is ready, and Andy decides to let her make the next move.  Poor Andy.
  • Notable guest appearance – Christian Slater as himself, Kathy Bates as Jo, the CEO, and Zach Woods as poor Gabe.
  • Would Michael have been reprimanded? – Michael walks up to the precipice, pivots, and heads back to sanity.
  • Grade – A-

Gabe makes an awkward entrance, and then stays around, awkwardly.  He is a great addition to the staff, but not as great as Kathy Bates.  God, I love her.  The Andy and Erin stuff is so tortuously beautiful.  Michael is as Michael does.


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